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Tips for a More Prepared Self

Updated: May 11, 2020

The Criminology Licensure Examination (C.L.E) is one of the most important battle you need to win to progress for your professional career. It is your stepping stone from a mile to a big leap in your professional journey.

Here are some important TIPS you may consider:

1. Plan for the Battle – Create a concrete plan for the board examination. Do it ahead of time. Organize your study place with your reading materials, notes and compilations. Prepare your own visual aids.

2. Get a Mentor – Find a mentor who shall show you the right direction. A person who can challenge you to your utmost potential. Someone to lean on during the learning journey who can help you cut your learning curve, open your psyche to fresh ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advice how to push yourself further.

3. Understand Thy Self - Pretest yourself. Perform a diagnostic testing and find out your level of readiness. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Practice from old tests or test questionnaires.

4. Understand Thy Foe - know who are behind the examination (PRC Board of Examiners). Observe and analyze their individual character, style and manners. Include their favorite topics. Check and find out the particular area coverage of the examination they handle. This will help you align your strategies to beat them.

5. Utilize Group Think - Organize study groups with friends. Practice explaining your answers with them. Make a time table for each topic or subject matter for study. Group think can help fuel your energy to go further and move faster.

6. Deal with Human Needs - Have some breaks in between. Take snacks that are good for the brain. Drink plenty of water. Eat good food. Practice good sleep habits. Take vitamins as maybe necessary.

7. Seek Divine Intervention - Meditate. Pray. Always recognize the Giver of Wisdom. You cannot win the battle with Him.

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