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"We have been serving people and organizations for more than 20 years already, and still growing, in spite of the odd changes that added up along our way. As leaders in the criminology industry, we offer creative learning and development solutions, handling specific areas of criminology, criminal justice and forensic skills, custom-made to fit your demands."

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Special Crime Investigation


By: Rommel K Manwong

and Christian G Domingo

2021 Edition | Wiseman Books Trading Inc.



This book explores and presents a comprehensive discussion about issues on modern world crimes. It specifically talks about exploitation of modern-day criminals on the sophistication of technology that advances and transforms their modus operandi. Therefore, the crimes are directed and ordered according to their plans, capabilities and instrumentalities.


One example of an area for special crime investigation is the convergence of a single criminal conduct with another act such as in the cases of narco-terrorism and cyber-terrorism are becoming common and rampant in a worldwide scale. This type of crime in the modern world is unique and so it requires sophisticated methods of detection, investigation and prosecution.


The focal point of the setting will be in the Philippines. It has been said that policing in this country remains to be aligned greatly on being reactive. More frequently than not, police action responds to crimes only after they have been committed and reported. However, modern day crimes are pushing the police to a better proactive state. Learned lessons of the past shared that successful investigation of crime requires proactive approaches, which are more often than not based on criminal intelligence analysis. Modern crimes, especially those committed by organized criminal groups, are usually not reported to authorities. This is what makes special crime investigation difficult. Searches through financial books, and interviews with witnesses, citizens, and surveillance activities are therefore important and required in this type of police actions.


The insignificant availability of school texts and resources for this subject matter made the authors conceptualize this original masterpiece as a citation book or textbook among criminology schools, faculty, and students.

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Hospitality and Tourism Security


By: Rommel K Manwong

and Leandro Y Paralisan

2021 Edition | Wiseman Books Trading Inc.


This book introduces, with originality, hospitality and tourism security in the Philippine setting. A hybrid approach that can be used by people in the criminology industry and the security and safety industry.


It discusses that tourism and hospitality industries are confronted with unique sets of threats based on the peculiarity of the business, where and how the property is built and the manner how they operate. The prominent security threats include acts of terrorism, tourist related crimes, crimes against persons and properties including other petty crimes committed against travelers. These threats against hospitality and tourism continually evolve. There are clear proofs that these threats are changing in terms of style or approach, mode of operation, and target selection.


Hotels, resorts, restaurants and tourist-oriented establishments have become a second home for leisure and a second dwelling for business travelers. These establishments are confronted with unique types of threats and risks that come into varying levels being an open facility where various services and entertainment activities are offered twenty-four hours. The trend in criminality and terrorism influences these establishments to work out against skepticisms favorable for business continuity.


On these grounds, plus the lacking of material resources in hospitality and tourism security for the academe and the practitioner, motivated the authors to make this book with purposes as both reference material and textbook for students and practitioners

Forensic Reviewer

By: Christian G Domingo

Emerjhon D Hernandez

Queen Glenn Q Abungan-Layona

2021 Edition | Wiseman Books Trading Inc


The field of Criminology involves the study of crime and the various criminal justice agencies which provides adequate response to crime, victims and criminals. As stated under CMO number 05, series of 2018, Criminology graduates shall be professionally competitive in utilizing criminalistics or forensic science in the detection and investigation of crime. Thus, Forensic/Criminalistics has been as part of the Criminologist Licensure Examination to measure the examinee’s competence in the area of forensic/criminalistics.

As experienced by most of the examinees were facing difficulties, particularly in the area of Forensics/Criminalistics. Accordingly, technical and legal know-how added with procedural based approach were some of the reasons that challenged them. On the other hand, some considered Forensic/Criminalistics as their strength. Thus, students were manifested by competence in so many aspects like manipulation of equipment, machines, firearms, chemical analysis, substance abuse testing as well on field and laboratory procedures.

To ease the challenge on the examinees, the book was made and designed purposely to boost the competence of examinees in the Criminologist Licensure Examination particularly in the area of Forensic/Criminalistics. The topics was organized from the foundations to the core competencies, the words/terminologies were simplified, case scenario and analytical situations were presented and questionnaires were set from easy, moderate, to difficult approach along with the outcome-based system to meet the standards set by the Board of Examiners  and in accordance with the CMO number 05, series of 2018 for Criminology Program and the provisions of Republic Act 11131 “The Criminology Profession Act of 2018.”

Understanding Intelligence and Secret Services 
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