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Online Criminology Review

  • This is a program intended for anyone who shall be taking the Criminology Licensure Examination in the Philippines. It is a full online review class on either Synchronous or Asynchronous mode. The synchronous mode shall be made on real time live lecture-discussions via Zoom or Google Meet at pre-arranged schedules, usually Saturdays and Sundays, while the Asynchronous mode shall be made at open time - open 24/7 through Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) where a participant shall be enrolled to join a series of diagnostic quizzes, mock board exams, and class discussions based on his/her time preferences. 

  • A support group with a team of dynamic professionals, registered criminologists, is readily available. Review materials and quizzers are downloadable files from the class library.

  • There are also more than 12,000 questions with their key answers, randomly selected from our questionnaires bank for workout exercises - all are based from the current table of specification (TOS) of the PRC Criminology Board.


  1. Fill up Registration Form  

  2. Pay required fee

  3. Enjoy the class 

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