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Fundamentals of Criminology
Criminology E-Books

Criminology E-Books are soft copies of the different published books authored by Dr. Rommel K. Manwong. Designed and published as 2020-21 editions. Updated and re-edited to fit an Easy-to-Understand version that are readable in PDF, Kindle, or E-PUB format.


  1. Choose the bundle or specific e-book that you are interested to purchase.

  2. Pay the total amount via GCash or PayMaya to Mobile No. 09298995194 (at any 711 store outlet) or via deposit or fund transfer to BPI Account Number 8739 1833 33 (Rommel Manwong)

  3. Send receipt of payment with us at our messenger, or email ( for confirmation

  4. Product will be sent to you through your e-mail (either in PDF copy, Kindle, or E-PUB) whichever is your option, together with your official receipt order.

The products are available by bundles as follows:

  • Bundle 1 - Criminal Jurisprudence and Procedures (covering all CLJ subjects)

  • Bundle 2 - Law Enforcement Administration (covering all LEA subjects)

  • Bundle 3 - Criminalistics (covers all forensic studies)

  • Bundle 4 - Criminal Detection and Investigation (covers all CDI subjects)

  • Bundle 5 - Criminal Sociology (covers all CrimSoc subjects)

  • Bundle 6 - Correctional Administration (covers all Cor Admin subjects)


A. Each bundle is worth 500 pesos only (6 bundles x 500 pesos = 3,000 total price)

B. Purchase all the 6 bundles above and get Criminal Sociology as a freebie. Thus, 2500 pesos only.

C. Get 1 bundle at 500 pesos only and receive the mini-dictionary (A-Z in Criminology), as a freebie.

D. Purchase a specific e-book (per title below) for only 200 pesos.



  1. Historical Development of Corrections

  2. Institutional Corrections

  3. Non-Institutional Corrections

  4. Pertinent Laws on Prison Management

  5. Fundamentals of Criminology

  6. Study of Criminal Behavior

  7. Crisis Management and Interventions

  8. Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

  9. Criminal Justice System

  10. Ethics and Community Relations

  11. Research and Statistics

  12. Victimology

  13. Fundamentals of Investigation

  14. Special-Organized Crime Investigation

  15. Fire Technology and Arson Investigation

  16. Drug Education, Vice Control and Narcotics Investigation

  17. Traffic Management and Accident Investigation

  18. Technical report Writing

  19. Introduction to Forensic Science

  20. Dactyloscopy and Personal Identification

  21. Forensic Ballistics, Firearms and Toolmarks

  22. Police Photography

  23. Questioned Document Examination

  24. Polygraphy: Art of Lie Detection

  25. Legal Medicine

  26. Forensic Chemistry

  27. Introduction to Policing

  28. Police Organization and Planning

  29. Police Personnel and Records Management

  30. Patrol Operations and Communications

  31. Police Intelligence

  32. Industrial Security Management

  33. Comparative Police Systems


SPECIAL E-BOOK SALE THIS 2020, Extended until January 2021 

  • My Quizzer in Criminology: A Reviewer for the Licensure Examination, 7th Series - containing 3,600 questions, very organized per board exam area, with their key answers. Price on Sale is 350.00 pesos only.



  • Comparative Police Systems

  • Bilibid Prison and Other Penal Institutions in the Philippines

  • Early Legal Systems and Early Legal Codes

  • History of Prisons and Penal Systems

  • The Mounted Patrol

  • Criminology Pioneers

  • Victimology: Understanding Victims of Crimes

  • Stages in the Commission of a Felony

  • Characteristics of Criminal Law

  • Green Criminology

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