Pandemic Terrorism (3rd Series)

A Toss Coin COVID-19 Aftermath

By: Emerjhon D. Hernandez | LEAPS Academy Philippines

PG Diploma in Terrorism Studies

May 2020 Edition

The focal point on the different positions of the COVID-19 pandemic has narrowed the globe. The international community seems to be compressed having an eye on the ball on the wide-spreading disease producing a speedy and continuous increase of mortality. While the center point is the response in overcoming the crisis, efforts from several States have also been established to determine the root cause of the disease. Questions have been arising if the coronavirus was naturally acquired or laboratory driven. Others wanted to explore the possibility of intent to develop and spread the virus for depopulation. Some are eyeing on it as well-planned strategy of a certain State to destroy economies of others in achieving hegemony. Some are also inclined considering it as a terroristic course of action.

Studying where the virus came from or why it exists now has a great significance. But the present response is much more important not only in handling the pandemic but also in addressing its surrounding effects in order to avoid future occurrences of other crises brought by it, particularly terroristic events.

Issues on the Origin of Coronavirus

Scrutinizing the origin of COVID-19, many studies came up with only two contradicting results. One has closed that the coronavirus disease is a product of natural evolution as held by its likelihood and connection with the first known severe illness c